Detailed instructions are attached as a pdf file. But, here is an overview: Writ

Detailed instructions are attached as a pdf file. But, here is an overview: Write about the importance of education in impoverished nations, but specifically, how it helps incarcerated individuals, reduces recidivism rates, and even keeps people from imprisonment in the first place. Essentially, this is how your article should be structured: 1. –> High rates of poverty correlates with low rates of education; 2. –> High rates of poverty and low rates of education feeds into high incarceration rates. 3. –> High incarceration rates are also fed because in prison’s there is a lack of human dignity and narrowing of one’s future that keeps people incarcerated; 4. –> Higher rates of reoffending upon getting out also keeps people incarcerated because prisons don’t provide futures for the incarcerated after they get out; 5. –> Education combats this, helps those out of poverty and out of prison, giving them human dignity and a future. Make sure to focus on a select few (or only one or two, depending) impoverished countries with prisons that tend to diminish rather than enhance human dignity and narrow rather than expand people’s future opportunities. One of the most important things that education does is help restore human dignity and give incarcerated people hope about the future they can have in their communities. Not only does being in college or getting an education give you a sense of value and worth, but it also teaches you to critique the social forces that are shaping your life. With all that said, address these things and advocate for better education/offering education to incarcerated people. Better education helps address poverty since education can be used to give impoverished people a sense of direction and help them out of poverty, rather than to prison. It also assists in breaking the cycle of incarceration. (AVOID MENTIONING “REHABILITATION”)

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