i will give you 3 PowerPoints names chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 and i will gi

i will give you 3 PowerPoints names chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 and i will give you a google link to the video lectures and a YouTube link please use all of them and read all the instruction he is very picky on citations. In writing your essays, you MUST cite specific points and examples from the required course materials. Cite the Schaller textbook with specific page numbers. If you take direct quotes, simply cite it by name and page number (Schaller, 174, etc.) These essays should be thorough, well-organized, and supported with specific points, names, events, and examples. Be sure to answer each part of these multi-part questions.
Length is up to you, but I expect that none of these essays could be answered well in less than 800 words. Expectations for these essays are higher than the Discussion questions you’ve been answering. Each essay is worth 100 points–five times what your Discussion answers have been worth. Let that be some guide to the effort and substance you put into these. The grades will reflect the logic and clarity of your writing and the substance of your points and examples. Be as specific as you can when making your points and presenting your examples. Essays that fail to cite specific and relevant examples from the textbook will be marked down.
Just to be clear: Note that each of these essay prompts begins with a main topic and thesis statement and is broken down into several sub-questions. Each essays should address each part of the multi-part prompt.
Your work must be your own. Do not copy from any source. Every exam submitted will be screened through an app that checks for plagiarism. It will return a colored similarity score percentage. These should be either blue or green. Yellow results mean that too much copying has taken place and may result in essays graded as a zero. A red result means that most or all of the exam has been copied, and these will be graded as a zero.
Pleas look out for this …….excessively vague and lack focus. A lot of words, but not much focus on the specific points, events, and examples pertinent to the questions. The citations are also inaccurate–these are not the right page numbers
…………………………… … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toV9uIDIJMs …………………………. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BaJ378YLkbKVph6KiUYhvQE2AsxLsSHZ?usp=sharing

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